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Mubarak from Kuwait Singing Konkani Song
Mubarak from Kuwait Singing Konkani Song

Catégories: Chanteur Oriental, Moyen Orient, Vidéo Oriental
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Arab Singer

Mubarak Al Azmi, Chanteur Koweitien

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Arab Singer

Mubarak from Kuwait Singing Konkani Song

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The main attraction of the Kuwait GVOM event was Mubarak Al Azmi a Kuwaiti who sang the Konkani song “Mog tuzo Kitlo Ashelo”, which was an all time super hit and created history. As a surprise, the second part was sung in Arabic which made the song even more beautiful. The crowd was overwhelmed with joy listening to a perfect Konkani accent and strongly requested for an encore. Looking at the response from the audience compere Dony asked Mubarak to sing the chorus along with crowd. The audience gave a standing ovation to Mubarak, who became the superstar of the evening after his successful song presentation. The organizers dedicated the song to its composer, the late Wilfy Rebimbus ...

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